Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New summer inspiration work!

I have been working hard doing this inspiration sketchbook. I have really enjoyed collecting lots of things that inspire me. And drawing from them taki photos creating fabric textiles from them and just creating and adapting things from them. I am going to have a go at styling which I am going to research more before I do. I am also going to more artist research through different areas of textiles. If you can recommend any please let me know. I am also experimenting with different embroidery types i am currently working on stumpwork which i am really enjoying as embroidery is one of my favourite parts of textiles. Thank you let me know why you think.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Punky pins!

I have just finished a weeks work experience for punky pins! It was truly inspiring. It is my dream to run my own jewellery company. There jewellery is so different and amazing. Would definitely recommend to have a look at there website. Www.punkypins.com I have just made some more jewellery for my folksy shop please check it out for updates. I made a lot of jewellery during the last week, I have learnt a lot about the different parts that work together to make there such high quality jewellery. They have recently just moved to a bigger studio so these pictures are of the old studio.