Saturday, 27 October 2012

Back to university!

I am currently very busy with my university work, and with my new part time job and Punky pins. I love my job at Punky pins and it inspires me greatly. I love to see all the new designs as they come into production. I am going to start drawing some sketches out of new designs for my own jewellery and some maybe to show the people at punky pins to see what they think of my designs. In the mean time i still have a lot of jewellery to offer on my Folksy site. Which i keep up to date regularly please check it out!!

Pacman bracelet  This is a pacman bracelet I designed at it is available on my shop for just £4.00!!

multicolour beaded bracelet with added feather beads This is a bracelet I designed using various beads I had. This is only £2.00!

Brown buttons stud earringsThese are small button stud earrings. At just 3.00.
Large  pearl dangle earrings This is a pair of classy pearl earrings for just £2.00!

Simple brown and black men's bracelet! I also do a small collection of mens bracelets! This bracelet is only £2.00.

All my bracelets will come with one of my cards. So if you have anything in mind you would like me to make i will try and create it for you. Even if your not sure what you want and you know the colours we can create something together. Please let me know if you have any questions!