Sunday, 21 July 2013

Video recording!

I have bleaching some bones for my project, and I thought i would take a video as it was interesting how the bones reacted when put into pure bleach. Was interesting to watch the different liquids move. I have been to the life centre to look at the bones and fossils and came across this amazing dinosaur robot. I will be starting a you tube channel of all the interesting things I find, keep checking for more.

 This is the bleaching bones.

Friday, 12 July 2013

New Project!

So I have started my Minor Project over the summer, I have a bit of primary research that I have drawn from, I am half way through a A3 sketchbook full of drawing and articles I have found. I have started a reflective diary, an ideas book (for Designs) and a artist and market research book. I have a good start on my concept which is.... 'The anatomy of the Nature and the Human Body'.

Here is some work and pictures I have collected  and completed so far.

This is some photoshop work I did on a picture I took of an Ox's heart.

Photoshop work of a Lambs heart

Poor Hedgehog, but amazing colour of thorns

I bought some meat from the market and I decided to bleach the bones and then boil them , I got all the flesh of and I am happy with the result, I am going to draw from them and then possibly create something with them.. keep checking to find out what!